A Heartfelt Letter From Mom To Daughter.

Open letter to my daughter. Mother kissing daughter.

An open letter to my daughter on her 3rd birthday.

My Dearest Daughter,

Oh how wonderful you are, my sweet baby. But you are not a baby anymore.

Now you run instead of walk, climb instead of crawl, and speak to me in sentences longer than any mishmash you used to babble.

You are full of life and full of spunk with a fire burning within you that shines brighter each day. It’s ushering you forward, urging you to chase that butterfly and ride that tricycle.

A fire that’s compelling you to let go of my hand and reach for the sky, and to push past the boundaries of the only tight-knit little world you’ve ever known.

You have grown to be strong-willed and determined, but also tender and cautious, while exuding an intoxicating enthusiasm in everything you do.

Whether you are splashing in the pool or taking a stroll down the same block we’ve walked hundreds of times, you are constantly reminding me to slow down and appreciate all the little things I’d never notice if it weren’t for you. Like the tadpole darting through the pond, or the bumblebee bouncing in the pollen.

Over the past three years, I’ve fed you, swaddled you, bathed you, and rocked you. I’ve loved you, nurtured you, cared for you, and encouraged you beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Being your mom didn’t come with a manual. It was you who taught me everything I know. How to comfort you when you cry. The best way to prepare your favorite food. And how to tuck you in and snuggle you at night.

It’s you whose little voice calling, “Mommy” I can hear over a crowd. You whose wide-armed hug reminds me of the importance of patience. And it’s you whose infectious giggle can instantly turn a bad day into a good one.

I know it’s me who is supposed to be teaching you, but you’ve taught me more valuable lessons in these past three years than I’ve learned in my lifetime.

If there’s only one lesson I could ever hope to teach you, it’s that no matter how old you are, I will always be listening, learning, and growing right there with you. I will always have an open heart and an open mind. And I will always love you. Now, forever, and unconditionally.

Happy Birthday, Emilia, my Sweet Little Girl.

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